Overhead timer

Projects the time up on the big screen

If you're still using an overhead projector, this timer will display a large, clear image that can be viewed from just about anywhere in your classroom. It will even enable you to create an adjustable 0-5 minute pre-alarm warning.

Heat Shield
The time comes with a heat shield. I took mine and glued it to a larger shield I made out of a matte board. This eliminates any extra light from spilling out onto the screen when I project the time. It's one of those "attention to detail" things.

Heat shield

Heat shield on cardboard

Bonus feature: Included with your timer is a small rectangle of translucent red plastic. By placing the red plastic over the timer window, you'll be able to tint the timer image being projected. In my classroom, the red tint tells my students that there is to be no talking during the timing period. Used mainly during tests or quizzes, it helps to promote an effective test-taking environment.

Red-tinted window

Overhead Timer

Overhead timer

battery included


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