Dog squeak toy

"Squeak, squeak" = "Stop, Look, Listen"

Here's our new squeak toy, the yellow bowling pin.

This is, by far, the best squeak toy yet. It's just so easy to squeeze the sides. And the sound it makes is loud enough for everyone to hear.

To get the attention of your students, just grab the fat part and give it a quick squeeze, squeeze. They'll hear the squeak, squeak and tune in.

From the email bag...

I teach junior high school in Fremont. I was at your workshop and bought a book, a squeaker, and a bell. Today, Monday, I used the squeaker with every class I have and it worked like a charm. They LOVED it and so did I! It was so quick and easy.

I am so excited about trying other New Management ideas with my classes. I haven't been this excited about a management idea since...well, honestly I've never been this excited about a management idea!

Dog squeak toy

Dog squeak toy

5.5" in height
high quality latex
distinctive sound


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Dog squeak toy


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