Laser pointer

There's nothing quite like being able to stand behind your students--which makes them a bit nervous--and have the ability to direct their attention to something at the front of the room.

For example:

Five of my students were asked to go to the whiteboard and write their solutions to a math problem. Having done that, they've returned to their seats. I now want to discuss their work with the class.

Without a laser point to indicate which of the five solutions I'd like them to consider, I would have to walk to the front of the room and get in everyone's way as I attempted to identify which solution I was talking about.


The Simple Solution
This high quality laser pointer will not only save you the walk but it will captivate your student's attention much better than your finger ever could.

It comes in a nice plastic case, has a long-lasting battery, and fits very comfortably in your hand.

Also, each pointer is silk screened with one of my favorite reminders about staying calm when interacting with students.

Quick to listen,
slow to speak,
slow to anger.

Laser colors

My first laser pointer set me back 40 bucks. (The office supply store clerk even had to to get it out of a locked case.) They're now so common place and affordable that they're sold as pet toys.

You can find cheap "bullet" laser pointers at the swap meet for a couple of bucks. Don't waste your money. They die pretty fast.

Bullet laser pointer

Laser pointer

Laser Pointer

long-lasting battery
case with magnetic catch
3.0" x 1.0" x .375"


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