Digital timer

"I can't imagine trying to keep my class on schedule without a digital timer."
James Sutter, classroom teacher

Without a doubt, a digital timer is one of the most under-utilized pieces of technology available to teachers today.

Whether you need to monitor the length of an independent work period or merely ensure that each of your five student teams has a fair turn at every learning center, you'll soon discover what other teachers already have: a digital timer is an indispensable classroom tool.

And, wow, is this one the best ever!

I've tried a dozen different models and nothing comes close to this high quality model from CDN, the people who supply Starbucks and Panda Express with their timers.

Not only does it count up and down, it's got a magnet on the back and a little flip-up picture frame kind of loop that enables it to hang from a nail.

The big advantage, though, is that students can see the time remaining from across the classroom. There's no other reasonably priced digital timer on the market that is able to do that.

Two thumbs way up.

Sunbeam Digital Timer

Digital Timer

"Extra Big Digit Timer"
AAA battery included


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