Magnetic Tiles

These easy-to-read-from-across-the-room magnetic tiles work great on a whiteboard. They can be used to keep track of who's completed a task and who hasn't. You can also place tiles together is groups so that your student will know which group they've been assigned to for an activity.

Magnetic Numbered Tiles

New Process
We've recently improved the production of these tiles by switching from lamination to an ink-on-magnetic-material process. Result? The tiles are more durable.

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If you'd like to read about how you can use numbered tiles help keep things organized in your own room, check out the new section devoted to Magnetic Tiles.

And if you've got your own cool way to use them, send me an email and I'll add it to the post.

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New Colors
In addition to the original blue, we now have red and green available.

Red and Green

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Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic Tiles

numbered 1 to 36
1.25" X 1.25"
ink-on-magnet printing
choice of 3 colors


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All Three Sets

Tiles Set

Buy three sets of tiles
(blue, red, and green)
and save two bucks.


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