4-color spinner for overhead

Playful toy adds randomness to selections

This is the spinner I use to select which playlist will be used during a seminar break. In the classroom, you can create different playlists for different types of activities.

Below you can see the spinner sitting on top of the Writing activity playlist. A quick spin and your students will know which music they'll be listening to as they are writing.

Writing Playlist

Tip: There's a blackline master you can download (PDF) so that you can create your own lists.

So Many Uses
You could use the spinner to determine which type of closure activities you're going to employ for a particular lesson.

Closure Activity

Assignment Checker
A high school teacher in Santa Rosa told me that just before she has her students begin an independent assignment, she places the artwork shown below under the document camera. The spinner then shows the students what they need to get out for her to check.

Note: If the spinner ends up in the empty area, everyone--students and teacher--gets a break from checking.

Closure Activity

Overhead Spinner

Overhead spinner

4.5" X 4.5"
durable plastic


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