Pencil Caddy

For years I've been sharing a very simple, yet very effective discipline strategy that used to be called ADOPT but is now known as Behavior CODES. It's nothing more than a seating chart on a clipboard on which I wrote letter codes for inappropriate behavior. (O = off-task, S = social talk, etc.)

One of the things that made it easy use was a little pencil holder made by the Velcro people. Attached to the clip on the clipboard, the pencil was always where I needed it to be. And, as we all know, when something is easier to use, we're more like to use it.

Velco product

Long story short, they no longer make them.

So I decided to produce my own version.

Pencil Caddy on clipboard

Although Pencil Caddy was designed to use on a clipboard, the adhesive backing enables it be used on any non-porous surface such as desks, phones, computers, lockers, cabinets, countertops, or just about anywhere you need dependable access to a pencil.Pencil Caddy in action

Case in point, here's one attached to the cabinets in our shipping room.

And at 2 for a buck, they're cheap enough that you could put one on every student's desk and eliminate the drama of "I can't find my pencil!"

Pencil Caddy on desks

Pencil Caddy

Pencil Caddy

color: yellow
3/4" length
adhesive on back

2 for $1.00

I have read and agree to the Sales Terms and Conditions.

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