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Join us, won't you, for a national colloaboration on integrating music into the classroom culture.

SP14's project mission is to produce music compilations for classroom use. Specifically, we're looking for songs from FreePlayMusic that will help students become more productive. [FPM is loaded with this kind of music, all of which is free when it's being used in an educational setting.]

Music Central Links: For more info on FPM, check out the Free Play Music page or watch the FPM how-to video.

Production Music
Here's a two-age PDF that helps to clarify the music we're trying to find on FPM.

SP14 Edition 00

SP14 Edition #00 [PDF 2 pages - 227KB]

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Collaborative Effort
As opposed to one teacher trying to find 100 effective songs, it makes more sense if twenty teachers submit a five-song playlist. Each list submitted will be included in subequent editions of SP14.

SP14 Edition Downloads
Just click on the links in the Editions nav column to the right and you'll be able to download each edition. And please feel free to pass them along to any of your teacher friends who may be interested.

Submit a Playlist
Send me an email--soundproject2014[at]gmail.com--with the track title, duration, and volume title for each song in your list. Before you know it, we'll have hundreds of songs teachers can use to enhance the learning environment and boost student productivity.

Remind Feed [Remind info]
Although each edition of SP14 will be posted here, you can get an email or text notification when a new one is available. To be on the list of teachers receiving a post from me, just sign up for a text or an email.

To receive email notification, send the email below. No subject is necessary.

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To receive text notification:

text: @rickmorris
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You'll receive a response from the good people at Remind.com asking for your first and last name. Provide that, and you'll be in the loop.

Note: As mentioned above, you can leave the subject line blank if you're signing up for the email notification. And if you ever want to unsubscribe, you just send another email with the word unsubscribe as the subject.


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