SP14 Edition 04 - January 31, 2014

This one-page addition is nothing more than my own contribution to Sound Project 2014. It's a 5-song Production playlist with a bonus track thrown in for fun.

A Good Way to Join in the Fun
If you have yet to download music from FreePlayMusic, you might want to start with this playlist. All of the songs I choose can be found in the same volume. [In FPM, the volume title is the same a CD title.]

Songs within the same volume will make finding the music and downloading each of the songs a much easier process. You won't have to jump around from one volume to the next. Just do an advanced search for Piano Jazz Volume 1 and all five of my recommended Production mode songs will appear in the list of search results.

Bonus Track
There are actually six songs in Production Playlist #03. One of them, though, is better suited for procedure and transitions. I decided to add it to the playlist because it's short, sounds good, and was sitting right there in the volume practically begging to be included in the fun.

SP14 Edition 04

SP14 Edition #04 [PDF 1 page - 322KB]


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