SP14 Edition 05 - March 23, 2014

Here's a Production Playlist I received at the recent Good Teaching Conference held in Anaheim, CA. Organized by the California Teachers' Association, it was attended by over 1,500 southern California educators.

Pitchin' the Project
Similar to the CTA GTC held in San Jose in January, I made a presentation about Sound Project 2014. And, as happened previously, a teacher stuck around after the session to check out FreePlayMusic.com. He ended up finding five songs that he felt would facilitate on-task behavior. [No lyrics and 60 beats per minute is the target.]

Later that same day he emailed me his selections. Having listened to all five songs many times now, I gave his playlist the Happy & Productive Seal of Approval.

For the record: It's not that the other playlists didn't deserve the recognition but more the fact that the seal wasn't around then. I only recently created it and plan to use it as an endorsement of ideas/items worth your time.

I also sent him a draft of Edition 05 to get his feedback. Here's what he said:

Looks great! Thanks for doing this. I've already noticed more calmness and focus in the classroom when music is playing. I look forward to seeing the playlists of other teachers.
--Bryan Wisocki

SP14 Edition 05

SP14 Edition #05 [PDF 1 page - 332KB]

Give it a Shot
I encourage you to search FreePlayMusic for songs you feel would enhance learning and achievement. I can almost guarantee you'll be glad you did.


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