SP14 Edition 03 - January 20, 2014

This edition is the result of the California Teachers Association Good Teaching Conference held January 10-12 in San Jose, California. Off the five sessions I presented, one was both an overview of Sound Project 2014 and a call for volunteers to join in the fun.

If you download this edition, you'll find two Production mode playlists submitted by teachers. One was created at the conclusion of the presentation by two teachers working together. The other was submitted by Shane Lee, a fifth grade teacher in northern California who has offered to help evaluate the songs being submitted.

Note: Some of the songs submitted are not suitable for Production mode.

Music Cue App Promo Code
Gotta deal for ya. Send me a 5-song Production playlist using music from FreePlayMusic.com and I'll send you a promo code so that you can download a free copy of the Music Cue app.

SP14 Edition 03

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