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If you haven't experienced yet, do yourself a big favor and check out their website.

What is Remind?
It's a free text/email service teachers can use to communicate with the parents of their students. Remind provides you [the teacher] with a Remind ID and access code. You share the sign-up info with the parents so that they can subscribe to your classroom feed. Remind will also provide you with a personalized sign-up link to send out in addition to a letter [PDF] with your info which can be sent home with the students.

Remind Letter

The bonus feature--other than the fact that it's FREE--is that each message you'll be sending out during the year is a one-way deal. It only goes from you to them. Nothing comes back your way. [Although I haven't checked lately to find about any new features.] And, sensibly, no contact information is revealed or shared. Everything is kept anonymous by the good folks at Remind.

If you'd like to see what the parents of your students will receive from Remind when they sign up for your message feed, sign up for mine. [Other information about how to sign up is shown below.]

Join the New Mgmt Feed
I'm thinking that Remind has both a great tech vibe and a commendable ease-of-use interface. What's not to like about that? At the moment, the early betting line indicates that Remind is going to become somewhat indispensable before too long.

My own experience using Remind for a year or so now? Chicken dinner. And the new features they continue to add are rather impressive. Attaching a PDF to a message? Oh, yeah. Well played.

And as I continue to use it, I'll figure out new ways to maximize the strategy. Which is just how it goes with a new idea for the classroom: it evolves with use. If past is prologue, I can almost guarantee it's going to keep getting better and better.

Bottom Line: The New Mgmt RemindFeed will be a simple way to keep teachers informed about the new projects and strategies I'll be working on this year.

If you'd like to receive notifications, you can sign up in one of two ways. It just depends upon your preference for how the message is delivered to you.

If you click here, you'll have to option to receive a text or an email.


to receive a text message:
text: @rickmorris
to: 81010

to receive an email message, send an email to:

You'll get a quick response from them asking for your first and last name. Provide that, and you'll be on the list to receive periodic announcements from me about new stuff.

Note: You can unsubscribe whenever you wish. And it won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

Invitation Letter
If you decide to try Remind with your class--which I highly recommend--you can rest assured the get-started process is simple.

This is a company that's really paying attention to what's important for all parties involved: teacher, students, and parents.

Reemind Tip Sheet
Speaking of paying attention, the Remind Team put together a nice Top Ten sheet that offers some suggested uses for this amazing bit of classroom technology. Just click here to download a copy of the PDF.

Last Thoughts
Did I mention that it was free? an impressive piece of work.

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