"Rick Morris is the total package.
He's a dynamic, entertaining presenter
with wonderful, easy-to-use strategies.
The teachers love attending his workshops
and come back a second and third time.
In fact, he's been working with our
consortium every year since 1998
and the attendance just keeps growing."

--Kathy Athey
BTSA Coordinator,
San Joaquin County Office of Education

"The most helpful seminars I've ever attended."

"Informative, entertaining, and energetic."

"Engaging, informative speaker."

"Best seminar I've ever been to!"

"Wonderful speaker and motivator."

"Logical, simple, and easy strategies to implement."

"Fantastic, practical seminars with
easy-to-implement ideas and suggestions."

--Karen D'Abusco
Coordinator, West Orange County BTSA Induction Consortium
(The comments were emailed to her from new and veteran teachers who had attended a series of Rick Morris workshops that she had organized.)

"The most effective application of educational
research to classroom management
I've seen in 15 years."

--David Mittleholtz
Director, Achievement Goals Program,
San Diego Unified School District

"If your staff only experiences one inservice this year,
make sure it's Rick Morris's New Management."

--Daniel Nasman
Assistant Superintendent

"I will spread the word and hopefully
your message can reach more teachers."

--C. Kevin Ogden

"Without a doubt, the best seminar I've ever attended.
It was an educational tour de force."

--Michael Linsin
Educator and Author

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Future Teachers Learn From Professionals at Regional Education Conference

Santa Ana College

Keynote speaker Rick Morris, MS Coordinator Christina Giguiere, Admissions Officer Teri Imus, MS Coordinator Pat Mc Cabe, UCI Cal Teach Coordinator Carlos Santana, Cal Teach Manager Jose Ramirez, Student Resource Coordinator Bhasha Leonard

Members of UC Irvine's Department of Education joined with educators from Santa Ana College, CSU Fullerton, and Fullerton College at the 12th Annual Road to Teaching Conference on Saturday, November 15, 2008. Road to Teach, 2008

Several hundred high school and college students interested in teaching as a career participated in a series of workshops that ranged from preparation for entering a credential program to accommodating learners with special needs and positive student engagement strategies in the classroom.

Keynote speaker was veteran teacher Rick Morris who received rave reviews.

"Morris was amazing, and I learned so much."

"Over the top, incredible!"

"Motivating, brilliant and with ideas that inspired everyone I talked to."

"Uplifting and encouraging."

"Wonderful! Highlight of the conference."


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