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Now you can join the thousands of other educators who are using the innovative system of management, motivation, and involvement developed by Rick Morris. In just one day, you'll learn how to use the tools Rick has created to increase your effectiveness and boost student achievement. No extra training or instruction is necessary.

Fresh, informative, and entertaining, this up-beat, on-target seminar will empower you to teach as never before. You will not only experience the power of the New Management system but you'll be able to transfer these easy-to-use techniques to your own classroom.

Rated as a "not-to-be-missed presentation for educators," you will leave this workshop loaded with practical, classroom-changing ideas.

In this seminar you'll learn to...


Teachers speak out...

Hi Rick,

The short version of this e-mail: I'm sold. New Management techniques work. Numbering your students works. Using your ideas and procedures is one of the best things I have ever done...for myself and for my students. Pat on the back to you!

The long version of this e-mail: I have been teaching in Long Beach Unified here in Long Beach, CA for 17 years, all of them wonderously spent in second grade. I attended my first New Management seminar back in March of this year at the CTA conference. I was captivated. I was intrigued. I was excited to start! I bought all of your books and spent weeks reading, highlighting, digesting all of the info. I made notes to myself of what things I needed to buy. I also made notecards that sit on my desk which remind me of the top 10 things to say, the core principles, etc. In case you are wondering, yes I am an over-achiever. I spent weeks before school started setting up my room and getting all of my New Management gear ready to go. I used just about every idea you had but then I remembered you mentioned to go slow and to not try to do it all at once. Some things I have put on the back burner to be used later.

School started after Labor Day. I had all 20 kids day one so I numbered the kids. It works, it really works! I am a good teacher but now, with your help, I am becoming a great teacher! I am calm and relaxed. My kids are calm and relaxed. There is minimal, if any stress or confusion in my classroom. Things are running so smoothly I cannot believe it. The first grade teachers warned us all last year how "awful and unruly" these kids are. But with New Management techniques, the kids are great! THEY are running the class, they are in charge of the homework and putting their clothespins in the box, they tell me who forgot their homework, etc. The kids already earned an extra ten minute recess because they filled the tennis ball tube with completed check off lists! (My COL have a cute picture of Snoopy on them.)

Rick, I could go on and on, seriously. I know you must hear this a thousand times, but your techniques work, they really do. I'll scream it from the roof of my classroom!

Thank you for making my school year so great!

Take care,
Debra Simmons

"I've taught for thirty-five years and have never taken
a class with so much useful and practical information."

"Rick Morris is incredible! The time just flew by!"

"Lots of great ideas with specific instructions
on how to use them right away."

"This was the best class I've ever taken...a real inspiration."

"His enthusiasm, energy, and sense of humor were wonderful.
His ideas were practical and workable."

"Rick showed me how I can have control,
be organized, and have fun at the same time."


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