Five Things
That Teachers and Their Students Need

If you're looking for a dynamic presentation that will inspire your staff, look no further. Perfect as a keynote or afternoon workshop, author and educator Rick Morris will have your teachers laughing and learning as he shares "The five things I would never teach without."

In just 90 minutes, Rick will demonstrate a handful of innovative yet practical ideas from the incredibly successful New Management program of student management, motivation, and involvement. These techniques, selected by classroom teachers as their favorites, are ones your staff members will be able to start using the very next day.

Five Things for Teachers...

  1. Sign Language: the use of some simple signs will dramatically improve the effectiveness of teacher/student interactions.

  2. Timers: in order to maintain a sense of consistency during lessons and independent work sessions, a simple digital timer will eliminate all of the guess work as to how much time is alloted and allow teachers to easily attain a level of consistency that will produce an increase in on-task behavior.

  3. Sound Makers: the ability to communicate directions to students in non-verbal ways helps to reduce the amount of teacher talking and increase the response level of students

  4. Student Numbers: although this is covered more thoroughly in the Student Management presentation, the numbering concept is introduced to teachers as a way to get them thinking beyond the more traditional classroom management strategies that have been shared over the years with varying degrees of success.

  5. Class Cards: using a set of index cards with students' names written on them--one card per student--will transform classroom interactions during lessons and discussions and ensure that every student, from high achiever to low, is an active participant.

Five Things for Students...

In addition to the fact that students will benefit from the Five Things for Teachers, there are some fundamental needs that must be met in order for them to become truly involved in the learning process. These needs have been indentified and researched by William Glasser and described in his book, The Quality School Teacher. Teachers attending this workshop will learn about these five needs and how to meet them in the classroom.

The five basic student needs are:

  1. Power
  2. Safety
  3. Love
  4. Fun
  5. Freedom

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