Interactive Discipline

Come spend a day with Rick as he shares dozens of his creative discipline strategies. This fast-paced, fun-filled workshop will teach you how to deal with common misbehavior in ways that are simple, yet effective.

Based upon the concept that "Discipline is teaching, not punishment," Rick will present a variety of techniques that will help you create a happier, more productive classroom.

Interactive Discipline is loaded with proven techniques. You'll learn how to: 1) prevent discipline problems from occuring; 2) effectively handle them when they do occur; and 3) teach your students how to be problem solvers.

Whether you are a first year teacher or a twenty-year veteran, whether you are trying to extinguish negative behavior or reinforce positive, this workshop will provide you with simple, easy-to-use strategies that you will be able to use the next day. See for yourself why some many teachers come back to hear Rick again and again.

In this seminar you'll learn to...


Teachers share their praise...

"Rick Morris has a handle on classroom management and discipline
that is second to none. Interesting and informative, useful and relevant.
Thanks for the ideas that I can use in the classroom on Monday."

"Rick is fantastic! A dynamic speaker with great ideas."

"I loved Rick Morris. An incredible speaker who is
enthusiastic and inspiring."

"A great help in revamping my discipline program."

"A wealth of good material. A true role model."

"Once again, Mr. Morris's ideas on discipline were wonderful."

"I learned how to stay calm and collected
in order to better handle discipline problems.
Fantastic strategies and suggestions."

"Practical and useful information. I could really tell
that he is a classroom teacher and knows what we deal with."

"Excellent! Well-organized! Useful! Entertaining!"


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