Stitchery Seat CoversStitchery Seatcover

Wow, is this a fun project. Students each create a stitchery design on a piece of burlap which is then sewn to an old towel. Similar to the way a pillowcase slips over a pillow, the seat cover is able to slip over the back of a student's chair transforming it into a work of art.

The downloadable 24-page, full-color teacher's guide will take you through the whole project step-by-step. Everything you and your students need to know from threading a needle to stitching your name in yarn in covered in detail with photos and illustrations to help make things clear.

In addition to learning how to the make the two simple stitches I teach my students--the running stitch and the french knot--you'll also learn a terrific idea for how to easily store yarn. (Hint: You use two-liter soda bottles.)

Student stitching

I've done this project for years with great success. The teacher's guide was created to make it easy for you and your students to complete.

Note: This was supposed to have been included in my new book, Eight Great Ideas. However, I thought it would make more sense as a downloadable PDF since I would be able to make it in color instead of the black and white I'm limited to when printing books.

sample page from guide

yarn storage idea (2-liter soda bottles)


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Stitchery Seat Covers