Probability FairProbability Fair

Calling all upper-elementary teachers!

If you're looking for something new to spice up a springtime Open House or Parents' Night, I've got just the thing. It's called the Probability Fair.

the chance that something will occur

In a nutshell, student teams create games based upon probability. The teams run a dress rehearsal by inviting students from other classrooms to play. This not only helps them to gain proficiency at running their games but also does a great job of promoting the event.

At Open House, the teams man their stations as parents--and about a hundred students from the dress rehearsal--take turns playing.

Bonus: The points earned for winning the games can be cashed in at the Probability Fair Snack Shop.

It didn't take but a year or two before everyone at my school knew that Room 12 was the place to be at Open House.

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