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Here's an idea I created with the help of my daughter, Alison, who is an artist on the East Coast. Especially beneficial for your non-readers, Kcons will add a warm and special touch to your kindergarten room.

It consists of 40 kid-friendly symbols. Each child in your room chooses one for the year. Their Kcons are then used on bulletin boards, rosters, centers helper lists, etc, so that students can more successfully navigate the room and, become more productive and self-reliant.

Note: I adopted a kindergarten classroom in 2008 to get some first-hand experience. I was amazed that within one week of use, they could recognize each other's Kcon.

This free teacher's guide will not only show you how to get started, you'll also find some suggestions from other kindergarten teachers who are already using the program.

For more information, or to view the artwork--which is downloadable--just go to the Kcons main page.

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