Sound Effects

I think sound effects can used with great success in the classroom. They're usually rather short and almost always attention getting.

Here's the one I share at seminars that was a reminder for the three resource students to head to the resource room at the proper time. All you have to do is set up an alarm to go off at that time. The sound of the alarm is a short mp3 called Reminder Chime.

Right-click or control-click on the link below, and you'll be able to download the mp3 file.

Reminder Chime [0:05]

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Here are some examples of effects that could be put to good use.

Large Gong [0:14]

Mysterious [0:17]

Morse Code [0:07]

I'm thinking the Morse Code piece would be a great one to play as you're about to make an announcement about something. Especially an announcement from the office.

Mr. Morris
With memo in hand and the Morse Code sound effect playing in the background:
This just in...

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Train Whistle

For the past ten years or so we've sold a really nice train whistle in our online store. Unfortunately, the family in Arkansas who made them for us went out of business.

I contacted two or three other companies who make them, asked for a sample, and received a number of pale imitations of the original one.

Bottom line: We had to pull the item from the product list. Bummer.

What I can offer in its place is a sound effect that mimics the sound of an old steam engine. Although it's not quite as nice as having the train whistle in your hand, it does get the job done.

Train Whistle [0:08]

Note: Download Instructions will explain how to get the sound file onto your computer.

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Free MP3 Downloads from Amazon

To find free music, go to the web site and type "free mp3" in their search engine. You'll be shown dozens of free albums that you'll be able to download. And although you need to sign up for their Amazon download app, it's easy to do and then runs automatically. Very slick.

Note: They're easier to find if you set the "Sort by" drop-down menu to Price: Low to High. That's because they include mp3 albums in the search results that aren't free.

Sort by

Here's a nice one: The Best of the Most Relaxing Classical Music

Reality: It was free when I found it but the last time I checked is was selling for $7.99. The lesson here? Check frequently.

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