Student Bulletin

This versatile little communication tool can be extremely useful for sending the parents a message about their child's behavior.

The sample below shows it being used to alert Calvin's parents that he has several assignments which are still past due.

Student Bulletin

While I'm at it, I'll write a brief note on the back.

Note on bulletin

Reminder: Written thoughts are powerful thoughts.

line break

The Student Bulletin is actually more effective when I use it to communicate success. Recognizing positive behavior is one of the best ways to nurture and develop it. Unfortunately, it used to wear me out whenever I would use a bulletin to highlight a student's efforts. It took so long to do the rah-rah talk and then fill out all of the pertinent information that I found I wasn't giving out very many of them.

Better: Now, I give a student a bulletin and ask him to fill in his name and the date. I then ask him to write a brief note to his parents, on the back of the bulletin, describing why the bulletin was given. Later on, when he comes to see me to get my signature, I can verbally share my pleasure as I sign my name. Doing it this way gets more Student Bulletins into the hands of more students.


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