We're happy to announce that the RickMorrisTV channel launched the week of August 14, 2017 on YouTube. The plan is to create short videos of the concepts and strategies Rick shared during his 31 years as a PD presenter.

First up is a Final Talk Playlist based on his last presentation to teachers that was filmed in Stockton, CA on March 18, 2017. These videos will take you through the entire day's presentation and showcase Rick's thinking, problem-solving, and creative approach to effective teaching.

From the Freedom List to Classroom Gestures, you'll quickly discover a number of ideas for creating a happy, productive classroom.

You'll also find a second Playlist called Tools & Toys. Each video will demonstrate a separate strategy that you can put into place immediately. Case in point, the first video shows you how easy it is to set up and use a wireless doorbell as a way to gain student attention. It's not only simple and effective, it will also cut down on the amount of unnecessary teacher talk.

You can find Rick's channel by clicking on the YouTube logo.

RickMorrisTV on YouTube

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The Final Talk - Seminar Handouts

Seminar Guide: 22 page packet that contains all episode info along with a set of blackline masters.

You can download the separate PDF handouts here.

Episodes 1 - 6 The Happy & Productive Classroom Culture

Episode 7 Glasser Needs and Core Principles [page 20, the last page in the Seminar Guide]

Episodes 8-9 Classroom Gestures [Page 1]

Episode 10 Class Cards, Part 1 [page 5]

Episode 11 Class Cards, Part 2 [page 2]

Episode 12 Class Cards, Part 3 [page 5]

Episode 13 Student Numbers, Part 1, Getting Started [pages 6 and 7]

Episode 15 Student Numbers, Part 3, Check Off List [pages 10, 11, and a blackline master]

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Problem+Solution Playlist

First Aid Kit and Late Log: two blackline masters; one for elementary and one for secondary

Student Assistance Survey: a letter to the parents about helping at home

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If you've never seen Rick in action...

... you can get a brief glimpse in the video below.

Post-Keynote Interview
October 22, 2016 St. Mary's College
Ernie Holly, TimeLine Media Productions

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