Center Wrap Up Song

Here's another song that is a simple variation on a previous song: Test Timer. This new one was created as a response to this email:

"I teach first grade and have centers in the afternoon. There are 4 centers that are about 13-14 minutes each. I use a bell to signal it is time to switch centers but this doesn't give any warning time for cleaning up manipulatives or give my parent group time for wrapping up their thoughts. Should I use one noise maker for a 1:00 warning and use the bell when it is time to switch? Use a song...?"

Let's use a song.

I modified the 60-second Test Timer song--which can be found by clicking the Test Timer link at the top of this page--and made it more appropriate for ending an event rather than beginning one. As opposed to opening with a trumpet blast, this new song begins with the rather playful call-and-response from the SpongeBob Squarepants theme song.

"Are you ready kids?"
"Aye, aye, Captain!"

Note: I left off the second refrain when the captain says, "I can't hearrrrr youuuuu," because it's followed by a much louder, "AYE, AYE, CAPTAIN!" Thought that might tempt the students to add their voices to the response which would create a bit of a verbal riot. I mean, who wouldn't join in? They are kids after all.

The rest of the song is indentical to the Test Timer. There is thirty seconds of silence followed by the cartoony boing sound. After 25 seconds of silence there is a five-note descending chime sequence. The chimes create a five-second countdown which culminates with the sound effect from the PacMan game that announced the ghosts had gotten to him. (You'll recognize it.)

My thought was that the SpongeBob opening would alert everyone to the fact that they'll be switching centers in one minute. Then, since the parents might be doing a bit of closure, there is mainly silence for 55 seconds. The boing is the only sound heard during that span and provides a "30 seconds left" warning. The countdown sequence gets them ready to depart and the funny little PacMan sound blast tells them to head over to their new center.

And all done without a word from you.

Center Wrap Up & Switch [1:07]

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