One-Day Seminars on Student Management

Presented by the Effective Teaching Institute

"I couldn't believe the difference in my classroom
after just one week of using Rick's ideas."
-Barbara Van, classroom teacher

Learn the innovative system of student management, motivation, and engagement that is revolutionizing today’s challenging classrooms. Fresh, informative, and entertaining, this fast-paced, fun-filled workshop will empower you to teach as never before.

In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a comprehensive management system which will enhance student achievement
  • Use classroom-tested strategies that will increase the quality of teaching and learning in your room
  • Dramatically boost student engagement in lessons
  • Develop a dynamic classroom environment that promotes responsible behavior and supports the learning of every student
  • Use innovative ideas that translate current educational research into usable classroom techniques
  • Reduce your stress on a daily basis and boost your effectiveness as a teacher
  • Streamline your student assessment program and obtain an accurate picture of each student’s progress
  • Build your own classroom tools and toys that you’ll be able to use year after year
  • Maximize the power of your natural teaching style

See for yourself why so many teachers are reporting "amazing results."

Note: These seminars are coordinated by Dr. Allan Lifson of the Effective Teaching Institute.To register for a seminar, visit the ETI website at

More Info?
Call Dr. Lifson at 800-479-1995.

One-Day Management Seminars coming in November

March 12

Sheraton Fairplex
March 13
Buena Park
Knott's Berry Farm
Resort Hotel
March 14
San Diego
Handlery Hotel
& Resort

Seminar Participants Speak Out...

“The most helpful seminar I’ve ever attended.”

“Informative, entertaining, and energetic.”

“Engaging, informative speaker.”

“Best seminar I’ve ever been to!”

“Wonderful speaker and motivator.”

“Logical, simple, and easy strategies to implement.”

“Fantastic, practical seminars with
easy-to-implement ideas and suggestions."