Class Cards iPhone App


Class Cards is an app designed to boost student engagement during lessons and discussions.

The app will enable the teacher to:

  1. use a randomly generated list of students—created by the teacher—as an aid for choosing which student to call upon,
  2. quickly and easily rate the quality of each student's response, and
  3. view response scores—as a percentage—by student or on a class-by-class basis.


line break The app is called Class Cards because it's based upon an idea I wrote about in my first book by the same name. It's a simple strategy in which the teacher uses a set of cards--either playing cards or 3 x 5 index cards--with the names of students written on each card as a way to determine which student to call upon. Due to the randomness of the card order, every student is held accountable for what is going on during a lesson.

Class Cards cover

Index Cards The advantage of using index cards is that the teacher is able to record the quality of responses by writing grades on the cards. It was this simple modification of the basic Class Cards technique that led to the creation of the iPhone app.

Index Cards

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