Taking Turns by Days

Teacher Tip:

I have 1st and 2nd graders in a multiage classroom. As you know fairness and taking turns is very important to this aged child. At the beginning of the year I have each child choose a Day of the Week as their special day for helping set out and pick up math tubs or book baskets and for going first for washing hands and those routine things in the classroom.

On Monday the Monday kids are called first, followed by Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. On Tuesday we begin with Tuesday kids and the Monday kiddos are at the end -- becoming the "dessert" for the day. Kids love this order because they are assured that there is fairness with a day for each group to be "first."

Julie Filer
1st & 2nd Multiage

After reading about your signals for the classroom which use sign-language, I experimented with combining sign-language with the Days of the Week as a management tool for lining kids up for specialists, going home, any line we make.

Rather than call out the Day of the Week, I stand by the door and sign the day. This requires that kids are focused on the transition, ready to go, thinking about their place in the event of the classroom. As they come to the line, I have the kiddos in the line help me with the next sign so they are continually getting practice in signing the days of the week (and it also reduces the chatter as the rest of the class waits for everyone to be in the line!).

line break