A "Take Five" Table

Teacher Tip:

I created a "Take Five" table for kids that need that time to regroup. It's a different version of your counseling center. It has one of your timers at the table and the student sets it himself. When it goes off, he looks at me for a thumbs up to return to the group.

The other day, one of my students - wonderful, bright, but highly volatile - didn't like a direction I had given and decided to throw his markers across the room. I had a parent in the room working at a center and everyone else engaged in an activity.

I calmly told him that his behavior was extremely inappropriate and unacceptable and he needed to "take five", He followed the directions, looked at me for a thumbs up when the timer went off, and returned to his seat like a new person. The parent in the room was utterly amazed, as was I!

It set a great tone for the class - they knew I wouldn't accept this sort of behavior; however, it was handled in a gentle - yet firm manner.

Judy Furman
Fairmont Elementary School
Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District

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