Math Chant

Here's a very cool math chant I got from my son's former fifth grade teacher.

Until each new class learns it by heart, it's an echo chant. I say the line and the students then repeat it. I've underlined the words that should be emphasized. Also, there are a few hand motions (parenthetically noted) that go along with the words.

Within a week everyone's got it down and we can say it together. It's a great motivator before taking a math test.


I love math (arms open )

and math loves me. ( cross arms against chest )

Why, I'm so smart in math

It's scary. ( holds hands palm out and shake )

My whole family ( arms out )

is amazed

at how intelligent ( place finger against side of head )

I am. ( hand on chest )

So watch out! ( arm straight ahead, palm facing out )

Step aside! ( swing arm to right )

Super Brain ( make fists and point thumbs at chest )

is here! ( point to the ground with both hands )

Bring on the math. (beckon with fingers )

Ooh Rah!


A tip of the hat to Annette Saavedra, Curie Elementary School, for this little bit of fun.

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