Classroom Signs

Hanging signs in your room can be a simple way to make a philosophical statement about expected attitudes or behaviors.

Here are a few sample signs:

.Ask three sign

This signs merely indicates that the teacher isn't the only one who knows what's going on. Unfortunately, students can develop the habit of automatically asking the teacher when there are a number of students who could, if asked, provide the same information.


None of us sign

This sign is especially meaningful for your overachievers who think they are the tops in your class and don't need anyone's help, input, or suggestions. It reminds us that there will be times when a great idea comes from the sleepy little guy who is normally way out in right field.


I always know sign

Although this is a bit of a mouthful, it sure makes a good statement about the attitude students should try to maintain during lessons.


Browsers welcomed sign

I saw this on the door of a friend's classroom and added it to the collection of signs in my own room. It's just a sweet thought.


It's okay to not know.

This one was sent in by Jayashree C.


I will try my best.

It's okay to make a mistake.

Julia G. saw these two in a classroom.


Practice Makes Progress

First grade teacher Kelly D. emailed this one to me.


If you have a classroom sign you'd like to add to these, send me an email.

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Classroom Survival Instructions:
Here's a cool little letter-sized poster you can hang in your room. It's not likely that your students will follow all of the suggestions, but it's definitely worth posting.

Classroom Survival Instructions

Click here to download Classroom Survival Instructions.

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