PowerPoint Song Buttons

To help make the playing of musical cues easier in your classroom, try the one-page PowerPoint available below.

Whenever you need a quick cue, just activate the page from the task bar of your classroom computer. Hover over one of the speaker images, and click on the play button that appears. Assuming your computer is connected to speakers, the students will then hear the song.

Bonus: Unlike a CD, when the song you clicked on ends, nothing else plays after it. What this means is that you can start the song--or have a student do it for you--and then walk away from the computer. Sweet.

To sample one of the songs, click on the speaker image above The Game is On. (Bottom-right corner.) Available on FreePlayMusic.com, that song alone is worth the download.

Song Buttons The Game is On

Note: It would be nice if you could double-click the speaker above the song to trigger it. But, alas, that's not possible.

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PowerPoint Song Buttons - 10.53MB

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