Class Cues Care Package

The Music Cue and Class Cues apps work a lot better if you've got some good cue songs on your device. Unfortunately, iTunes doesn't offer a lot of good cues. So I'd like to offer a Care Package to help teachers upgrade cue libraries.

The Care Package is a zip file that contains the following items.

  1. Room12Cues: 25 songs I've used during my 42-year career in education. [Titles shown below.]
  2. How to Get Good Song Cues on Your Apple Device [2-page PDF that shows how to do that.]
  3. How to Create a Simple Classroom Sound System [7-page PDF that shows you how to make your sound system wireless with a $20 Bluetooth music receiver.]

Download to your computer, and you'll be ready to take Class Cues to a whole new level.

Here's the Instagram/Remind post about the Care Package.

Care Package The Game is On

Just click on the link below to download the file. Once it's on your computer, extract the the two PDFs and the folder of mp3s. [NOTE You'll want to browse to your desktop so that the three files being assembled can be found easily.]

Any questions? Feel free to post them on the New Management FaceBook page.

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download Class Cues Care Package - 18MB zip file

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