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So there I was, sitting in the movie theater with my lovely wife, waiting for the show to begin. And before they rolled the trailers for future movies, they had a slide show going showing some promo stuff, movie trivia, Hollywood history, etc., etc.

And as I was watching the slides go by, it dawned on me that the whole thing was a rather nice bit of low-tech entertainment.

Hmmmmmm. Maybe I should create one for the seminars that would play before the actual presentation kicked off.

Long story short, I've been running a slide show for the past couple of years and thought it might make sense to post it so that teachers who had liked various bits and pieces could have access to them. So I created a PDF file that contains all of the images shown during the show.

Slide Show Slide Show PDF

To see the images in a browser window, just click on the image above.

To download the PDF, control-click (Mac) or right-click (PC) on it.